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drier1 someone or something that dries, esp. a machine used to dry clothes. [2 definitions]
drier2 comparative of dry.
driest a superlative of dry.
drift to be carried along by an outside force, such as wind or water. [11 definitions]
driftage the act or extent of drifting, as from a set course. [2 definitions]
drifter one who drifts, esp. from one job or home to another.
driftwood wood that has been left upon a beach by water or is floating on water.
drifty of, having, characteristic of, or tending to form drifts.
drill1 a tool consisting of a shaft that has sharp cutting edges and is used to make holes in wood, metal, or the like, usu. by means of rotation; drill bit. [12 definitions]
drill2 a furrow in the ground made for planting seeds. [5 definitions]
drill3 a sturdy twilled fabric, usu. of cotton.
drillmaster someone who teaches or trains using drill methods, esp. in the military.
drill press a machine for drilling holes in metal.
drillstock the part of a drilling machine or tool that tightens securely around the shank of a bit or drill; chuck.
drily variant of dryly.
drink to swallow liquid. [12 definitions]
drinkable fit to drink; potable. [2 definitions]
drinker one who drinks. [2 definitions]
drinking fountain an appliance or device that supplies a flow of water, sometimes cooled, for drinking, as in a public place.
drip to flow downward in drops. [7 definitions]
drip-dry not requiring ironing if hung while wet, and usu. drying quickly, as certain fabrics or garments; wash-and-wear. [2 definitions]