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drummer a musician who plays drums. [2 definitions]
drum out to discharge or drive out for reprehensible behavior.
drum set a collection of percussion instruments arranged for convenient playing by a drummer; drum kit.
drumstick a stick used to play a drum. [2 definitions]
drum up to make a concerted effort to get or stimulate (support, customers, an emotion, or the like).
drunk feeling the debilitating and inhibition-reducing effects of alcohol; intoxicated. [6 definitions]
drunkard one who is frequently drunk.
drunken drunk. [3 definitions]
drupe any of numerous fleshy fruits, such as the apricot, cherry, peach, or almond, usu. having one hard stone.
drupelet a small drupe, as any of the many that compose a raspberry or blackberry.
druthers (informal) preference or choice.
dry free from wetness, dampness, or moisture. [14 definitions]
dryable combined form of dry.
dryad (often cap.) in Greek and Roman mythology, a spirit or deity that presides over the woods; wood nymph.
dry battery a dry cell, or a battery made up of several connected dry cells.
dry cell an electric cell in which the electrolyte is in a paste, treated with an absorbent, or otherwise protected against spilling.
dry-clean to clean (garments, drapes, or the like) using chemicals other than water.
dry-cleanable combined form of dry-clean.
dry-cleaning a method of cleaning clothes that uses chemicals instead of water.
dry dock a basin-shaped dock that holds a ship and that can be drained or lifted to expose the ship's hull for cleaning or repairs.
dry-dock to put or go into dry dock, as a ship.