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dual-purpose serving or designed to serve two purposes; meant to have two functions.
dub1 to award the title of knight to by tapping or striking lightly on the shoulder, usu. with a sword. [2 definitions]
dub2 to push, poke, or thrust at. [4 definitions]
dub3 to add sounds to or replace sounds on (a film or other recording), esp. to replace voices in one language with those in another. [4 definitions]
dubbin a mixture of oil and fat used to soften and waterproof leather.
dubiety the state of being doubtful or suspicious. [2 definitions]
dubious having or showing doubt; skeptical. [3 definitions]
Dublin the capital of the Republic of Ireland.
ducal of, concerning, or characteristic of a duke or duchy.
ducat any of various gold or silver coins formerly minted in certain European countries.
duce (Italian) leader; commander. [2 definitions]
duchess a woman who is married to or the widow of a duke. [2 definitions]
duchy the region over which a duke or duchess rules.
duck1 any of numerous birds that live in and near water and have webbed feet for swimming and a large flat bill. [3 definitions]
duck2 to lower one's head or whole body quickly, as to hide or to avoid a blow or contact with a moving object. [7 definitions]
duck3 a very strong fabric made of cotton or linen and resembling canvas. [2 definitions]
duckbill a small Australian or Tasmanian mammal that lays eggs, lives in the water, and has a bill resembling that of ducks; platypus.
duck-billed of an animal, having a broad, flat snout shaped like a duck's bill.
duck-billed dinosaur any dinosaur of the Hadrosauridae family, having a broad, flat snout for grazing.
duckboard boarding placed over a wet floor or mud to provide a dry surface for walking.
ducking stool a former means of punishment consisting of a chair in which offenders were bound and then repeatedly plunged into water.