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duck3 a very strong fabric made of cotton or linen and resembling canvas. [2 definitions]
duckbill a small Australian or Tasmanian mammal that lays eggs, lives in the water, and has a bill resembling that of ducks; platypus.
duck-billed of an animal, having a broad, flat snout shaped like a duck's bill.
duck-billed dinosaur any dinosaur of the Hadrosauridae family, having a broad, flat snout for grazing.
duckboard boarding placed over a wet floor or mud to provide a dry surface for walking.
ducking stool a former means of punishment consisting of a chair in which offenders were bound and then repeatedly plunged into water.
duckling an immature duck.
duckpin a short, thick pin used for a bowling game similar to tenpins. [2 definitions]
duckwalk to walk while in a squatting position; waddle like a duck.
duckweed any of various flowering plants that float freely on ponds and slow streams.
ducky (informal) excellent; delightful; fine.
duct a passage, such as a pipe or tube, through which something, esp. a liquid or gas, flows. [2 definitions]
ductal in anatomy, relating to or originating from a duct, such as a duct in mammary tissue.
ductile able to withstand stress without breaking, as in drawing out into wire or pounding thin. [3 definitions]
ductless combined form of duct.
ductless gland see endocrine.
duct tape a wide, strong adhesive tape, typically silver in color, originally designed for sealing heating and air-conditioning ducts but used for a wide variety of purposes.
dud (informal) someone or something that functions poorly or fails in some regard. [3 definitions]
dude (informal) a man who dresses in a showy manner and pays exceptional attention to his appearance; dandy. [3 definitions]
dude ranch a vacation resort operated like a ranch, offering horseback riding and other similar outdoor pastimes.
dudgeon an angry, resentful, and offended state of mind.