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dudgeon an angry, resentful, and offended state of mind.
due required as payment; owed as a debt or right. [7 definitions]
duel a formal, arranged fight between two people, usu. with pistols or swords, to defend their honor or settle a conflict. [3 definitions]
duende (Spanish) a quality that makes one magnetically attractive to others; irresistible charm.
duenna in Portugal or Spain, an older woman hired to accompany, care for, and protect a girl or young woman. [2 definitions]
due process an established set of legal procedures and methods designed to protect citizens against arbitrary action by the government. U.S. law dictates that all judicial action must follow these consistent procedures and safeguards in order to protect the rights of individuals.
due process of law the course of legal proceedings established by a government to protect an individual's rights.
dues money that members of a group or club must pay to remain part of the group.
duet a piece of music written for or performed by two singers or instrumentalists. [2 definitions]
duff1 decomposing organic matter on the floor of a forest. [2 definitions]
duff2 a thick pudding that is boiled in a cloth bag or steamed and often contains dried fruit and spices.
duff3 (slang) the buttocks.
duffel a heavy woolen cloth with a thick nap. [2 definitions]
duffel bag a large cylindrical canvas bag used to carry clothing and personal items.
duffel coat a hooded knee-length overcoat with frog fasteners that is usu. made of a sturdy wool fabric such as duffel or loden.
duffer (informal) a clumsy, stupid, or incapable person. [2 definitions]
dug1 the past tense and past participle of dig.
dug2 a female breast or teat.
dugong a large herbivorous sea mammal found in the Indian Ocean that has flipperlike forelimbs and a tail resembling that of a whale.
dugout a hole in the ground used as a shelter, esp. for protection from bombs, storms, or the like. [3 definitions]
duiker any of several small African antelopes, the males of which have short spiky horns pointing backward.