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dug1 the past tense and past participle of dig.
dug2 a female breast or teat.
dugong a large herbivorous sea mammal found in the Indian Ocean that has flipperlike forelimbs and a tail resembling that of a whale.
dugout a hole in the ground used as a shelter, esp. for protection from bombs, storms, or the like. [3 definitions]
duiker any of several small African antelopes, the males of which have short spiky horns pointing backward.
du jour of the day (French); available or being served today.
duke a high-ranking male nobleman, the ruler of a duchy in Europe or ranked just below a prince in Britain. [2 definitions]
duke it out to fight with fists until one person wins or a matter is settled.
dulcet pleasing to the ear; melodious. [2 definitions]
dulcimer a musical instrument with three or four strings stretched over a long oval soundbox, used esp. by American folk musicians. [2 definitions]
dulia in Roman Catholic theology, the veneration of saints and angels.
dull lacking in interest, originality, or liveliness; boring. [10 definitions]
dullard an unintelligent person; dolt.
dulse any of several reddish, edible seaweeds with wedge-shaped fronds.
duly in an appropriate or expected manner. [2 definitions]
Duma a Russian legislative assembly that met and was disbanded several times between 1905 and 1917.
dumb unintelligent, or reflecting a lack of intelligent thinking; idiotic; stupid. [4 definitions]
dumbbell a device consisting of two weights at either end of a short bar, used for muscular development by lifting.
dumbfound to confuse, amaze, or astonish.
dumb show a part of a play performed without speech; pantomime. [2 definitions]
dumbwaiter a small, sometimes hand-operated elevator that is used for transporting items such as food or garbage between floors of a building.