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dural of, pertaining to, or affecting the dura mater.
dura mater the outermost of three fibrous membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. (See arachnoid, pia mater.)
duramen the hard, dead wood in the center of certain trees; heartwood.
durance involuntary and usu. extended confinement, as in a prison.
duration the state or quality of existing over time. [2 definitions]
durbar in India, the court of a prince. [2 definitions]
duress intimidation or coercion. [2 definitions]
durga the Hindu goddess of war.
durian an edible oval fruit with a hard prickly rind, soft flavorful pulp, and an odor considered offensive by many. [2 definitions]
during throughout the existence or duration of. [2 definitions]
Duroc (sometimes l.c.) any of a breed of reddish brown hogs with droopy ears.
durra a grain sorghum, grown in Africa and Asia. (See Indian millet, Guinea corn.)
durum a variety of wheat whose flour is the basic ingredient of spaghetti and other pasta.
Dushanbe the capital of Tajikistan.
dusk the time of day just before night; last moments of twilight.
dusky dark or rather dark in hue. [2 definitions]
dust dry, fine particles of soil or other substances. [11 definitions]
dust bowl an area that has become desertlike because of severe dust storms or drought.
dust devil a small whirlwind that raises a narrow column of dust, sand, and debris.
duster a person or thing that removes dust. [4 definitions]
dusting powder any fine light powder that prevents sticking or, when containing dried chemicals or scents, is used as an insecticide, medicine, or toiletry.