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durra a grain sorghum, grown in Africa and Asia. (See Indian millet, Guinea corn.)
durum a variety of wheat whose flour is the basic ingredient of spaghetti and other pasta.
Dushanbe the capital of Tajikistan.
dusk the time of day just before night; last moments of twilight.
dusky dark or rather dark in hue. [2 definitions]
dust dry, fine particles of soil or other substances. [11 definitions]
dust bowl an area that has become desertlike because of severe dust storms or drought.
dust devil a small whirlwind that raises a narrow column of dust, sand, and debris.
duster a person or thing that removes dust. [4 definitions]
dusting powder any fine light powder that prevents sticking or, when containing dried chemicals or scents, is used as an insecticide, medicine, or toiletry.
dust jacket a paper cover to protect a book's binding. [2 definitions]
dustless combined form of dust.
dustpan a shovel-shaped pan with a short handle into which dust is swept for disposal.
dust ruffle a floor-length decorative ruffle, usu. made of a light fabric such as cotton, that hangs from a mattress around three or four sides of a bed.
dust storm a storm of severe winds that sweep up clouds of dust from land dried up by a drought.
dusty full of or covered with dust. [3 definitions]
dusty miller any of various flowering plants and herbs having whitish, downy or woolly foliage.
Dutch of or pertaining to the Netherlands or its people, culture, language, or the like. [5 definitions]
Dutch Belted one of a breed of dairy cattle that have a band of white around the body.
Dutch bob a haircut with bangs and a straight, even cut over the ears.
Dutch boy see Dutch bob.