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Dutch boy see Dutch bob.
Dutch courage (informal) courage as a result of drinking alcoholic beverages.
Dutch cut see Dutch bob.
Dutch door a door divided into two halves that operate separately so that the top may be opened while the bottom remains closed.
Dutch elm disease a serious disease of elms that causes yellow, wilted leaves, streaked wood, and ultimately the death of the tree.
Dutchman's-breeches an herb of eastern North America with finely divided leaves and yellow, pink, or whitish double-spurred flowers.
Dutchman's-pipe a hardy climbing vine having curved leaves and bearing brownish or purplish flowers resembling a tobacco pipe.
Dutch metal an alloy of copper and zinc, thin sheets of which resemble gold leaf.
Dutch oven a heavy iron or enamel kettle with an arched lid, for the slow cooking of pot roasts, stews, or other dishes. [3 definitions]
Dutch treat a date or other outing for which each person pays his or her own share.
Dutch uncle (informal) a person who bluntly and severely criticizes or lectures another.
duteous careful to fulfill one's duties; dutiful; obedient.
dutiable subject to import duty or other taxes.
dutiful carrying out one's duties or responsibilities as required or expected. [2 definitions]
duty ethical, legal, or moral obligation. [5 definitions]
duty-free exempt from a duty or tax.
duumvir either of two officers in ancient Rome who exercised jointly the duties of a public office.
duumvirate government authority held by a two-member board, as in ancient Rome. [2 definitions]
duvet a bed covering filled with feathers or other soft material and generally having a removable and washable cover so that it can be used as both top sheet and quilt.
duvetyn a napped fabric of cotton, silk, wool, or rayon that has a twilled weave.
duxelles a mixture of finely chopped mushrooms, shallots, and seasonings sautéed until all liquid has evaporated and used esp. in sauces and stuffings.