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dynamite a strong explosive made of nitroglycerine or ammonium nitrate. [3 definitions]
dynamo a machine for generating electricity, esp. direct current, from a different source of power. [3 definitions]
dynamo- see "dyna-."
dynamoelectric of or pertaining to the conversion of mechanical energy to electric energy or vice versa.
dynamometer any of several devices for measuring the energy expended by a force.
dynamotor an electric machine that transforms direct current into alternating current.
dynast a ruler, esp. a hereditary one.
dynasty a succession, lasting several generations, of rulers from the same family or group. [2 definitions]
dyne a unit of force equal to the amount of force necessary to give a mass of one gram an acceleration of one centimeter per second per second.
dys- ill; bad; abnormal; difficult.
dysentery an infectious disease of the lower bowel, causing pain, severe diarrhea, and passage of blood and mucus. [2 definitions]
dysfunction incomplete or impaired functioning of a body part or organ.
dysfunctional not working normally, as a bodily organ; impaired. [2 definitions]
dyslexia a learning disorder characterized by difficulty in recognizing and understanding written words.
dyslexic one afflicted with dyslexia. [2 definitions]
dysmenorrhea menstruation that is difficult or painful.
dyspareunia sexual intercourse that is difficult or painful.
dyspepsia incomplete or improper digestion of food; indigestion.
dyspeptic pertaining to or afflicted with dyspepsia. [3 definitions]
dysphagia difficulty in swallowing.
dysphonia difficulty in making normal speech sounds, as because of hoarseness.