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eastward toward the east. [3 definitions]
eastwardly toward the east. [2 definitions]
easy not hard or difficult. [7 definitions]
easy chair a large thickly upholstered armchair.
easygoing not worried or rushed; not easily upset; relaxed; calm; placid. [2 definitions]
eat to consume (food) through the mouth. [7 definitions]
eatable suitable for eating; edible. [2 definitions]
eat crow (informal) to back down, as from a strongly held position, and thereby be humiliated.
eaten past participle of eat.
eatery (informal) a café, diner, or restaurant.
eat humble pie to be humbled, esp. by having to apologize for one's own obvious mistake or misbehavior.
eating the act of one that eats. [4 definitions]
eat one's words1 to retract what one has said.
eat one's words2 to admit that something one said was wrong.
eats (informal) food.
eat up to ravage or consume, as by corrosion. [3 definitions]
eau de Cologne cologne.
eau de vie water of life (French); brandy, esp. a colorless distillation of a fruit other than the grape.
eave (usu. pl.) the lower part of a roof projecting beyond the wall of a building.
eavesdrop to listen secretly to others' private conversation.
ebb the retreating or flowing back of a tidal flow from the land to the sea; ebb tide. [4 definitions]