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ebony a hard heavy wood, often black, from various tropical Asian trees. [5 definitions]
e-book a book published in digital format for display on a computer screen or handheld device.
EBT abbreviation for "electronic benefits transfer." EBT is a government program that gives money for food and other things to people who need it.
ebullient highly enthusiastic, happily excited, or spirited. [2 definitions]
ebullition a violent outflow, as of emotions or ideas; outburst. [2 definitions]
EC abbreviation of "European Community." (See EEC.)
ec- out.
ecbolic inducing labor or causing abortion by causing or accelerating uterine contractions. [2 definitions]
eccentric not adhering to the recognized or accepted manner, behavior, or thinking; unconventional; peculiar. [5 definitions]
eccentricity an odd or peculiar behavior, habit, interest, or the like. [3 definitions]
ecclesiast a person in the clergy; an ecclesiastic.
Ecclesiastes a book of the Old Testament containing an examination of the meaning of life and advice about human limitations.
ecclesiastic a person in the clergy or in a religious order. [2 definitions]
ecclesiastical of or related to the church and clergy.
Ecclesiasticus a book of instructive proverbs contained in the Douay Bible and the Old Testament Apocrypha.
ecdysiast one who performs stripteases.
ecdysis the shedding of an outer layer of skin or integument, esp. by snakes, insects, or crustaceans.
ecesis the establishment of an immigrant plant or animal in a new locality or environment.
echelon a level of authority or rank, as in an organization. [3 definitions]
echidna any of several small, insect-eating, egg-laying mammals of the Australian region that have a long slender snout and a spiny, bristly coat; spiny anteater.
echinoderm any of various marine animals that have parts radiating symmetrically from the center and hard, often spiny outer body walls, such as the starfishes and sea urchins.