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edifice a building, esp. a large or impressive structure. [2 definitions]
edify to enlighten or inform so as to uplift morally, intellectually, or spiritually.
Edinburgh the capital of Scotland.
edit to supervise the preparation of (material) for publication. [4 definitions]
editable combined form of edit.
edition one of a series of printings of the same published work, differing from others in being printed from a distinct typesetting. [3 definitions]
editor a person who prepares written materials for publication or film for viewing. [3 definitions]
editorial an article or commentary, as in a newspaper or on television, that expresses an opinion or viewpoint. [3 definitions]
editorialize to put forth one's opinion in or as if in an editorial. [2 definitions]
editor in chief the editor who has the final authority to make policy decisions and supervises the other editors at a publishing house or on a specific publication.
editorship the position or activities of an editor. [2 definitions]
EDP abbreviation of "electronic data processing," the use of computers to process and store information.
EDT abbreviation of "Eastern Daylight Time."
educable capable of learning through education.
educate to provide knowledge, training, and guidance to. [4 definitions]
educated having an education. [3 definitions]
education the act or process of learning or educating. [4 definitions]
educational of or relating to education. [2 definitions]
educationist a person specializing in the methods and theories of teaching or education, often one considered to be out of touch with the actual practice of teaching.
educator a person who teaches. [2 definitions]
educe to bring out; draw forth; elicit. [2 definitions]