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effrontery shameless impudence; insolence. [2 definitions]
effulgent shining brightly; radiant; brilliant.
effuse to pour or spread out; emit; circulate. [4 definitions]
effusion a pouring or flowing out, or the fluid that does so. [2 definitions]
effusive expressing emotions at undue length or intensity. [2 definitions]
eft a newt.
-efy a variant of -fy.
e.g. abbreviation of "exempli gratia" (Latin); for example.
egad (old fashioned) a mild oath used to express surprise or enthusiasm.
egalitarian of, pertaining to, based on, or characterized by belief in the principle of equal rights for everyone. [2 definitions]
egg1 a reproductive cell within the female; ovum. [4 definitions]
egg2 to incite or encourage (some action).
eggbeater a kitchen utensil having rotary blades, and used for beating liquid or semiliquid foods such as cream or eggs.
egghead (informal) an intellectual, considered somewhat negatively.
eggnog a drink made of beaten eggs, milk or cream, sugar, and often rum or other liquor.
egg on to encourage or pressure someone to engage in or continue in some action, esp. one that is risky or potentially harmful to oneself or others.
eggplant a plant cultivated for its fruit, or the dark purple fruit itself, which is eaten as a vegetable. Some eggplants are ovoid in shape; others are somewhat tubular.
egg roll a thin flat square of egg dough that is folded like an envelope around finely chopped raw vegetables and shredded pork or shrimp, and then fried in deep fat.
egg sac the pouch or cocoon in which many types of spiders deposit their eggs. [2 definitions]
eggs Benedict a dish made of poached eggs placed on a slice of ham over toast or a split and toasted English muffin, and covered with hollandaise sauce.
eggshell the thin covering that encloses a bird's egg. [3 definitions]