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egis variant of aegis.
eglantine the sweet brier, a wild rose.
ego the self, as distinguished from other persons and the external world. [5 definitions]
egocentric regarding oneself as the subject, object, and standard of all things. [3 definitions]
egoism the tendency to evaluate everything in relation to one's own interests; self-centeredness. (Cf. altruism.) [3 definitions]
egoist a self-centered or selfish person. [2 definitions]
egoistic of, pertaining to, or based on egoism. [2 definitions]
egoless combined form of ego.
egomania obsessive interest in oneself.
egotism excessive self-promotion; boastfulness or conceitedness. [2 definitions]
egotist a conceited person; braggart. [2 definitions]
egotistic conceited and boastful; excessively self-promoting. [2 definitions]
egotistical conceited and boastful; excessively self-promoting. [2 definitions]
egregious remarkably bad; flagrant; glaring.
egress an act, instance, method, or place of exit or emergence. [2 definitions]
egret any of several usu. white herons that grow long, drooping plumes in breeding season. [2 definitions]
Egypt a North African country on the Mediterranean and Red Seas; Arab Republic of Egypt.
Egyptian of or pertaining to Egypt or its people, culture, or the like. [4 definitions]
Egyptology the study of ancient Egyptian artifacts, culture, history, or the like.
eh used to ask for confirmation or reiteration.
EHF abbreviation of "extremely high frequency."