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electronic organ a musical instrument that resembles a pipe organ in its keyboard and stops, but produces music electronically rather than through pipes.
electronics (used with a sing. verb) the science that is concerned with the flow of electrons in various physical media, and with their properties and uses. [2 definitions]
electron lens an electric or magnetic field, or a combination of the two, that is used to focus or deflect an electron beam.
electron microscope any of various microscopes that use electrons rather than rays of light to magnify the image of the object being viewed.
electron tube a sealed, tube-shaped container in which a pair of electrodes controls the flow of electrons through a vacuum or very low-pressure gas.
electron-volt a unit of energy equal to the energy of one electron accelerated by one volt, or equal to 1.602 times 10-12 erg.
electrophoresis the motion of particles, esp. colloids, in a relatively stationary fluid due to the influence of an electric field, usu. provided by immersed electrodes; cataphoresis.
electrophorus an apparatus used to create static electricity by induction.
electrophysiology the electrical properties of living cells and tissues, or the study of these properties.
electroplate to cover with a thin coat, as of metal, by electrolysis. [2 definitions]
electroporation in genetics, a method of introducing foreign DNA into a cell by means of an electric pulse that makes the cell membrane more permeable.
electropositive containing a positive electrical charge. [2 definitions]
electroscope a device used for detecting small amounts of electric charge, usu. by using metal foil to show attraction or repulsion.
electroshock a treatment for mentally ill persons in which an electric current is passed through the brain; electroshock therapy.
electroshock therapy in psychiatry, a form of therapy in which electrical currents are passed through the brain.
electrostatic of, pertaining to, or caused by static electricity. [2 definitions]
electrostatics the branch of physics dealing with stationary electric charges.
electrotherapy the treatment of disease by means of electricity.
electrotype a copy or facsimile made by electroplating a mold, in wax, lead, or plastic, of an original plate, and used esp. in printing. [3 definitions]
electrotypy the technique and process of making an electrotype.
electrum a yellow alloy of gold and silver.