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emboss to raise or represent in relief (a surface design). [2 definitions]
embossable combined form of emboss.
embouchure the mouth of a river. [4 definitions]
embower to cover or enclose in, or as in, a bower.
embrace to clasp in one's arms; hug. [8 definitions]
embraceable combined form of embrace.
embrasure an opening for a door or window splayed toward the interior. [2 definitions]
embrocate to lubricate and rub (the body) with a liniment or lotion, as to relieve sore muscles; apply an embrocation.
embrocation a healing or soothing liniment or lotion. [2 definitions]
embroider to make or decorate with ornamental needlework. [3 definitions]
embroidery the art or product of ornamental needlework. [2 definitions]
embroil to involve in conflict. [2 definitions]
embryectomy the surgical removal of an embryo, esp. of one developing outside the uterus.
embryo an organism in its earliest stage or stages of development and in a rudimentary or early form. [3 definitions]
embryologist one who studies embryos and their development.
embryology the branch of science that concerns the formation and development of embryos. [2 definitions]
embryonic of, relating to, or in the state of being an embryo. [2 definitions]
emcee a master of ceremonies. [3 definitions]
emeer variant of emir.
emend to correct or improve (written text), esp. by removing errors; edit.
emendable combined form of emend.