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emotionalism the quality or character of being excessively emotional. [2 definitions]
emotionality a highly emotional quality or condition.
emotionalize to give an emotional quality to; imbue with emotion.
emotionally with regard to the feelings.
emotionless combined form of emotion.
emotive of or relating to emotion. [2 definitions]
EMP abbreviation of "electromagnetic pulse."
empanada a pastry turnover filled with a variety of sweet or savory ingredients and baked or fried. Empanadas originated in Spain and are particularly popular in both Spain and Latin America.
empanel variant of impanel.
empathy identification with or sharing of another's feelings, situation, or attitudes. [2 definitions]
emperor the supreme male ruler of an empire.
emperor penguin the largest of all penguins, reaching a height of four feet, and native to Antarctica.
emphases the plural of emphasis.
emphasis special importance that one attaches to something or wishes to communicate to others. [4 definitions]
emphasize to give greater strength or importance to; stress. [2 definitions]
emphatic expressed, performed, or uttered with emphasis. [3 definitions]
emphysema a disease of the lungs marked by loss of elasticity in air cells, causing difficulty in breathing and impairment of proper heart function.
empire a single political unit, with one supreme ruler, composed of an aggregate of nations or peoples. [4 definitions]
empiric one who believes that practical experience is the only test of the validity of knowledge.
empirical based on or verifiable by experience or experiment, rather than on or by theory.
empiricism the philosophy, doctrine, or belief that all knowledge is based on experience, esp. of the senses. [3 definitions]