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endearment a loving or affectionate act, word, or gesture. [2 definitions]
endeavor to make an earnest effort; strive. [2 definitions]
endemic common in, native to, or restricted to a given place or population. [2 definitions]
ending the last part; conclusion, esp. of a narrative or dramatic plot. [2 definitions]
endive chicory, or a related plant, the leaves of which are used cooked or uncooked in salads.
endless being or seeming boundless; infinite; limitless. [3 definitions]
end line either of two lines, one at each end of a basketball court, football field, or the like, that marks the limit of the playing area.
endmost located nearest to the end; furthest; last.
endo- within; inside.
endoblast see "endoderm."
endocarditis inflammation of the thin membrane lining the inside of the heart.
endocarp the inner layer of a ripened plant ovary such as a fruit pit.
endocrine of a gland, releasing a secretion directly into the bodily fluids, as do the thyroid and adrenals, rather than through ducts. [4 definitions]
endocrinology the science of the structure, functions, and secretions of endocrine glands.
endoderm the inner layer of cells of an embryo, which develops into the linings of the digestive tract, certain glands, and other internal organs.
endodontics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of dentistry that diagnoses and treats diseases of the dental pulp; root canal therapy.
endogamy marriage within one's own class, clan, caste, tribe, or other social unit. (Cf. exogamy.) [2 definitions]
endogenous coming or produced from or developing within, as certain spores, or due to internal conditions, as certain diseases. (Cf. exogenous.) [2 definitions]
endometrial of or pertaining to the mucous membrane that lines the uterus.
endometriosis the abnormal growth of uterine tissue in other areas of the vaginal tract or on the ovaries.
endometrium the membrane that lines the uterus.