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English sparrow a small common brownish gray sparrow; house sparrow.
English walnut a variety of walnut tree or the edible nut it bears, that is widely used in cooking.
Englishwoman a woman who is a native or citizen of England, or a female of English descent.
engorge to eat greedily. [3 definitions]
engraft to graft or join (a shoot from one plant) to another plant.
engrave to cut (a design or lettering) into a hard, flat surface, as by a sharp implement or acid, often for the purpose of making a plate for printing. [4 definitions]
engraving the act, art, or procedure of engraving. [3 definitions]
engross to interest or occupy fully to the exclusion of all else.
engrossed involved or mentally engaged in something to the point of being unable to focus on anything else.
engrossing occupying one's full attention, to the exclusion of all else.
engulf to cover entirely; envelop, as by an abyss or flood.
enhance to heighten, improve, or increase, as in quality, value, attractiveness, or reputation.
enhancement the act or result of heightening, improving, or increasing, as in quality, value, attractiveness, or reputation.
enigma a puzzling, seemingly contradictory, or mysterious phenomenon, statement, drawing, or the like. [2 definitions]
enigmatic of, concerning, or like an enigma; puzzling; mysterious.
enjoin to order or recommend emphatically. [2 definitions]
enjoy to find pleasure or joy in. [3 definitions]
enjoyable pleasant; entertaining.
enjoyment the state or act of enjoying; pleasure; satisfaction. [3 definitions]
enkindle to set on fire; ignite. [2 definitions]
enlace to encircle, bind, or wind about with or as if with a cord or lace. [2 definitions]