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entrust to assign or hand over to someone, as for care, protection, or execution. [2 definitions]
entry an act or instance of entering; entrance. [7 definitions]
entryway an entranceway.
entwine to twist or coil together; interweave.
enucleate to remove a cell's nucleus. [2 definitions]
enucleation the removal of a nucleus from a cell. [2 definitions]
enumerate to name or list one by one. [2 definitions]
enumeration the act or process of enumerating.
enunciate to pronounce (words), esp. in a clear and distinct voice. [3 definitions]
enuresis involuntary release of urine, esp. while sleeping; incontinence.
envelop to cover, wrap, enclose, or surround.
envelope a folded paper wrapper made to enclose an object such as a letter, esp. for mailing. [2 definitions]
envenom to make poisonous as by the insertion of venom. [2 definitions]
enviable worthy of being envied or desired.
envious showing or feeling envy.
environ to form a circle around; encircle or surround.
environment the sum of things, circumstances, and conditions that surround one and may have an effect on one; surroundings. [3 definitions]
environmental of or pertaining to the natural environment, and esp. to the ecological effects of altering it or attempts made to protect it. [3 definitions]
environmentalism the movement to protect or restore the natural environment, or the advocacy for major efforts to be made to achieve this goal.
environmentalist someone who works to protect the natural environment.
environmental law the body of laws concerned with protecting the environment from damage caused by human activity, as well as with preserving natural resources and enabling sustainable development.