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epode in the classical Greek ode, the last section of each compositional unit. [2 definitions]
eponym an actual or mythical person whose name is the source of the name of a city, nation, era, or the like.
eponymous having or being a name that is an eponym.
epoxide a compound that contains the epoxy group.
epoxy having the molecular structure of an epoxide. [3 definitions]
epsilon the name of the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet.
Epsom salts hydrated magnesium sulfate, used to purge the bowels.
equable not varying extremely or suddenly; uniform; stable. [2 definitions]
equal of or having the same value, measure, or quantity as something else. [6 definitions]
equal-area of or denoting any of several types of map projection in which portions of the earth's surface that are of equal area are given equal space on a map.
equalitarian of or related to the doctrine that humans have or ought to have equal rights and opportunities; egalitarian. [2 definitions]
equality the condition, fact, or defined state of being equal.
equalize to make of equal value to. [2 definitions]
equally in an equal or like manner. [2 definitions]
equal rights the same rights for all people.
Equal Rights Amendment a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would prohibit the infringement of rights because of gender.
equal sign a mathematical symbol (=) indicating that the value on one side of the sign is equal to the value on the other side of the sign.
equanimity the quality of remaining calm, serene, or unruffled, esp. under stress; composure.
equate to make or consider to be equal or equivalent.
equation the act of equating. [4 definitions]
equator the imaginary circle around the earth's globe equidistant from both the North and South Poles. [2 definitions]