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eraser an object, usu. made of rubber or felt, that is used to erase writing or marks.
erasion a medical procedure in which diseased tissue, esp. bone, is scraped away. [2 definitions]
erasure the act or result of erasing.
erbium a rare-earth metal chemical element of the lanthanide series that has sixty-eight protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Er)
ere in literary use, before.
erect upright in posture or position. [7 definitions]
erectable combined form of erect.
erectile capable of assuming an upright position. [2 definitions]
erection the act of erecting or state of being erected. [3 definitions]
eremite a recluse, esp. one who retreats for religious meditation; hermit.
erepsin an enzyme mixture in the small intestines that contributes to the breakdown of proteins into amino acids.
erg1 a unit of energy equal to the work done by one dyne moving through a distance of one centimeter, or to 10-7 joule.
erg2 a vast area covered with sand dunes; desert.
ergo as a consequence; therefore.
ergocalciferol a sterol that can be converted into vitamin D and added to foods.
ergonomics (used with a sing. verb) the study of how to adapt machines or work space to human needs.
ergosterol a sterol derived from yeast which produces vitamin D2, used to prevent or cure certain diseases such as rickets.
ergot a fungal disease that infects the flowering stems of cereal plants and replaces the grains with hard, dark, fungal bodies. [3 definitions]
ergotism a severe poisoning caused by overdose of ergot compounds or by eating grain foods that are infested with ergot.
Eric Blair see George Orwell.
Erick Honecker leader of Communist East Germany from 1971 to 1989 (b.1912--d.1994)