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eroticism sexual or erotic quality or character. [2 definitions]
eroticize to arouse sexually, or to make erotic.
erotogenic extremely sensitive to sexual stimulation; erogenous.
erotomania sexual desire that is abnormally strong and prolonged.
err to make a mistake. [3 definitions]
errand a quick journey or side trip taken to fulfill a particular purpose. [2 definitions]
errant traveling without a fixed course or direction; wandering. [2 definitions]
errata pl. of erratum.
erratic not occurring predictably or consistently; unpredictable. [4 definitions]
erratum an error in printing, often noted and corrected in an addendum that is printed afterwards and inserted in new printings of the book or article.
erroneous containing or based on error; incorrect; mistaken.
error a mistake in judgment or action. [5 definitions]
errorless combined form of error.
ersatz serving as a substitute, esp. when of inferior quality. [2 definitions]
erstwhile of an earlier time; former.
eruct to belch forth. [2 definitions]
erudite having or showing a high level of scholarly knowledge; learned.
erudition a high level of scholarly knowledge; learnedness.
erumpent bursting forth or protruding, esp. from under a surface.
erupt to break or explode out of a restrained or confined condition. [6 definitions]
eruption the act or process of erupting. [3 definitions]