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eruption the act or process of erupting. [3 definitions]
eruptive tending to emerge violently; explosive. [3 definitions]
-ery a place for (such) a person, activity, trade, or item of trade. [4 definitions]
erysipelas an infectious disease that causes inflammation and redness of the skin and mucous membranes.
erythema abnormal redness of the skin or mucous membranes that is caused by increased blood flow to the capillaries in response to injury, infection, or inflammation.
erythro- red.
erythrocyte one of the disk-shaped red blood cells that carry hemoglobin and give blood its color.
erythromycin an antibiotic derived from a soil bacterium, used in the treatment of various diseases caused by bacteria.
-es1 used to form the third person sing. present tense of verbs that end in "s," "z," "ch," "sh," "x," or "y" that changes to "i".
-es2 used to form the regular plural of nouns that end in "s," "x," "z," "ch," "sh," or "y" that changes to "i".
Es symbol of the chemical element einsteinium.
Esau according to the Old Testament, the firstborn son of Isaac and Rebecca who sold his birthright to his brother Jacob.
escadrille a unit of military airplanes with men and equipment, as in France during World War I.
escalade the act of climbing a fortified wall by ladder. [2 definitions]
escalate to increase in intensity, scope, or size. [2 definitions]
escalation increase in amount, scope, or intensity.
escalator a moving stairway that operates on a belt mechanism to carry people between floors, as of a department store, airport, or train station.
escalator clause a clause in a contract that provides for adjustment in prices, wages, and the like, based on changes in production costs, the cost of living, or the like.
escallop to bake (cut or sliced food) in sauce, often with a breadcrumb topping, and sometimes in scallop shells. [2 definitions]
escapade a wild adventure or prank, usu. mischievous or mildly wicked.
escape to free oneself from physical confinement. [10 definitions]