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ethnographic of or pertaining to the branch of anthropology that deals with the description of specific cultures.
ethnography the branch of anthropology that deals with the description of specific cultures.
ethnology a branch of anthropology concerned with the origins and development of various cultures.
ethnomusicology the study of the music of one or more ethnic groups, esp. as a reflection of cultural values or differences.
ethology the scientific study of the behavior of animals.
ethos the basic underlying attitudes and beliefs of a group, movement, or culture, which give it its character.
ethyl in chemistry, containing the monovalent hydrocarbon radical. [3 definitions]
ethyl acetate a colorless flammable volatile liquid made from ethyl alcohol and acetic acid that has a fruity aroma and is used in the making of perfumes and other products and as a solvent.
ethyl alcohol a colorless, quickly evaporating, flammable liquid, used in medicine and industry, and occurring in intoxicating beverages; alcohol.
ethyl chloride a gas that becomes a volatile flammable liquid under pressure, made from ethyl alcohol and hydrogen chloride and used as a solvent and local anesthetic and in the making of tetraethyl lead.
ethylene a colorless, flammable organic gas used in coloring citrus fruit, making organic synthetics, and anesthesia.
ethylene glycol a colorless sticky liquid, used esp. as an antifreeze.
etiolate to weaken, esp. through deprivation of normal development. [3 definitions]
etiology the cause of a disease or physical disorder. [3 definitions]
etiquette accepted or prescribed forms of behavior, courtesies, and ceremonies in society or a profession.
Eton collar a broad white collar worn over the lapels of an Eton jacket, or a collar like this.
Eton jacket a waist-length jacket with wide lapels, worn open in front.
Etruria an ancient country and civilization that flourished in the sixth century B.C. in west central Italy.
Etruscan of or pertaining to Etruria or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
-ette small. [3 definitions]
étude a musical composition featuring a particular technique, or intended mainly for practice in that technique.