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evaporate to turn from liquid into vapor; pass away in the form of vapor. [5 definitions]
evaporated milk thick unsweetened canned milk made by evaporating some of the water from whole milk.
evaporation the process of evaporating.
evapotranspiration the transfer of moisture from the soil to the atmosphere through the dual processes of evaporation and plant transpiration. [2 definitions]
evasion the act or an instance of escaping, avoiding, or failing to perform something. [3 definitions]
evasive serving to allow one to avoid, escape, or fail to perform something. [2 definitions]
Eve according to the Old Testament, the first woman, who was created by God from a rib of Adam, the first man.
eve (sometimes cap.) the evening or day before a special day such as a holiday. [3 definitions]
even smooth, level, or flat. [17 definitions]
evenfall the beginning of evening; dusk.
evenhanded fair and impartial in the treatment of others; equitable.
evening the period between late afternoon and nightfall. [4 definitions]
evening dress formal or semiformal clothing worn in the evening. (Cf. morning dress.)
evening primrose any of several plants, usu. producing yellow flowers that open at nightfall.
evenings regularly in the evening.
evening star a bright planet, esp. Venus, seen in the western sky at or soon after sunset.
even money equal stakes or odds given or offered in a wager.
even number a whole number that can be divided exactly by 2.
evensong (usu. cap.) a Roman Catholic or Anglican Church worship service of prayer or song, held in the evening. [3 definitions]
even-steven (informal) even or in balance with reference to another; without having an advantage in amount, degree, or the like over another.
event a distinct happening or occurrence; something that takes place. [4 definitions]