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evergreen of trees, shrubs, and the like, having leaves that remain green throughout the year. (Cf. deciduous.) [3 definitions]
everlasting enduring forever; eternal; endless. [7 definitions]
evermore forever; always. [2 definitions]
eversion the act of turning or being turned inside out or outward.
evert to turn inside out or outward.
every being each and all constituents of a group. [2 definitions]
everybody each and all persons; every person.
everyday pertaining to daily occurrences or routine matters. [2 definitions]
Everyman the title character of an anonymous medieval morality play, who unsuccessfully attempts to stave off death. [2 definitions]
every man jack every single person in a particular group or population.
every now and then from time to time; occasionally.
every once in a while from time to time; occasionally.
everyone each and every person; everybody.
every other each alternate; every second (one).
everyplace everywhere.
every so often from time to time; occasionally.
everything every part; all. [3 definitions]
everywhere in every place; in all places.
evict to remove (a tenant or the like) from a premises by legal procedure. [2 definitions]
eviction the process of being forced to leave a property.
evidence the basis for belief; that which constitutes proof of something. [5 definitions]