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excitable capable of being easily excited.
excitation the act of exciting or condition of being excited.
excite to stimulate or cause to be aroused or agitated. [5 definitions]
excited aroused to a condition of excitement; thrilled; agitated.
excitement a state or display of heightened emotion or activity. [2 definitions]
exciting causing excitement, arousal, or agitation.
exclaim to speak suddenly and vehemently, with or as if with surprise or emotion. [2 definitions]
exclamation the act of exclaiming; an abrupt or vehement utterance. [2 definitions]
exclamation mark a punctuation mark (!) used after a word or words that express surprise, make an emphatic declaration, or the like; exclamation point.
exclamation point a punctuation mark (!) used after an exclamation, interjection, or command.
exclamatory of or expressing exclamation or exclamations.
excludable capable or worthy of being excluded.
exclude to leave out; omit; keep out. [2 definitions]
exclusion the act or process of excluding. [3 definitions]
exclusive leaving out. [5 definitions]
exclusive jurisdiction power granted exclusively to a particular court to apply and interpret laws within a particular geographic area or in relation to certain types of matters.
exclusively with all others left out or not included; only; solely.
excommunicate to exclude, by formal order, from the privileges of membership and communion in the Roman Catholic Church. [3 definitions]
excoriate to denounce or criticize severely. [2 definitions]
excrement the waste products of digestion discharged from the body, esp. feces.
excrescence abnormal enlargement or growth; hypertrophy. [3 definitions]