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exodus a departure, usu. of a great number of people. [3 definitions]
ex officio because of one's office or position.
exogamy marriage outside of one's tribe or similar social unit. (Cf. endogamy.) [2 definitions]
exogenous having external causes or origins. [2 definitions]
exonerate to free from blame; absolve; exculpate. [2 definitions]
exophthalmia see "exophthalmos."
exophthalmos abnormal protrusion of the eyeball caused by certain medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism.
exoplanet a planet that orbits a star that is not our sun.
exorbitant exceeding the bounds of what is reasonable, fair, or proper; immoderate.
exorcise to expel (a demon or evil spirit). [2 definitions]
exorcism the process of expelling an evil spirit. [2 definitions]
exorcist one who drives out a demon or evil spirit.
exordium the introduction or beginning, esp. of a formal speech.
exoskeleton an external supporting structure such as the shell of a crustacean. (Cf. endoskeleton.)
exosphere the outermost, least dense portion of the atmosphere.
exothermic pertaining to a chemical reaction that results in the release of heat.
exotic having a foreign origin or character. [3 definitions]
exotic dancer a striptease dancer; stripper.
exp. abbreviation of "expenses." [3 definitions]
expand to make larger or more extensive. [5 definitions]
expandable combined form of expand.