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exorcist one who drives out a demon or evil spirit.
exordium the introduction or beginning, esp. of a formal speech.
exoskeleton an external supporting structure such as the shell of a crustacean. (Cf. endoskeleton.)
exosphere the outermost, least dense portion of the atmosphere.
exothermic pertaining to a chemical reaction that results in the release of heat.
exotic having a foreign origin or character. [3 definitions]
exotic dancer a striptease dancer; stripper.
exp. abbreviation of "expenses." [3 definitions]
expand to make larger or more extensive. [5 definitions]
expandable combined form of expand.
expanded metal sheet metal that has been stamped or cut into a latticelike form and stretched, used to reinforce concrete.
expanse a wide and open area, as of landscape; that which is of wide extent. [2 definitions]
expansible capable of expanding or being expanded.
expansion the act or process of expanding, or the state of being expanded. [3 definitions]
expansion bolt a threaded metal rod or pin, usu. used in stone and concrete, that has an attachment that expands as it is screwed into a surface.
expansionism the policy of encroaching on other territories or countries for political or economic advantage.
expansive having the potential to expand. [4 definitions]
ex parte in legal disputes, on or in the interests of one side only; partisan.
expatiate to discuss something at great length; describe in great detail (often fol. by "upon").
expatriate to remove from one's native country or allegiance; send into exile; banish. [5 definitions]
expect to hope for or look forward to with some reason to believe in fulfillment. [6 definitions]