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expatiate to discuss something at great length; describe in great detail (often fol. by "upon").
expatriate to remove from one's native country or allegiance; send into exile; banish. [5 definitions]
expect to hope for or look forward to with some reason to believe in fulfillment. [6 definitions]
expectable combined form of expect.
expectancy the state of expecting; anticipation. [2 definitions]
expectant having expectations; hopeful. [3 definitions]
expectation the act or state of waiting for or looking forward to. [4 definitions]
expected thought likely or certain to happen.
expectorant promoting the discharge of phlegm from the respiratory tract. [2 definitions]
expectorate to cough up or spit out (phlegm). [2 definitions]
expediency suitability, or the thing or action suitable, to the specific purpose or circumstances. [2 definitions]
expedient suitable or advantageous for the purpose or in the circumstances. [4 definitions]
expedite to send off, facilitate the progress of, or accomplish with speed and efficiency. [2 definitions]
expedition an outing or journey taken for a specific purpose, or the organized group, with its equipment and conveyances, undertaking such a trip. [2 definitions]
expeditionary pertaining to, constituting, or used in a trip undertaken for a specific purpose, esp. a military expedition.
expeditious prompt and efficient.
expel to put or drive out forcibly. [2 definitions]
expend to use up. [2 definitions]
expendable subject to being disposed or consumed. [4 definitions]
expenditure the act of paying out or expending. [2 definitions]
expense something given or paid out, such as money, effort, or time, esp. in return for something else; cost. [4 definitions]