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explain away to minimize or negate the importance of by explaining.
explanation the act, process, or result of explaining. [3 definitions]
explanatory serving to clarify or explain.
expletive an interjection, exclamation, or oath, esp. an obscene one. [4 definitions]
explicable capable of being explained.
explicate to make clear or explain completely.
explicit stated fully, clearly, and without equivocation. [4 definitions]
explode to release energy forcefully with noise, heat, and the violent expansion of gases, because of rapid chemical change or sudden violent impact. [6 definitions]
exploded view a photograph, drawing, illustration, or diagram that displays the individual parts of a mechanism separately but indicates their proper relationship.
exploit1 a deed of daring or spirit; feat.
exploit2 to turn to advantage or profit. [2 definitions]
exploitation the profitable using of something. [3 definitions]
exploration the act or an instance of exploring; inquiry; examination. [2 definitions]
explorative exploratory; related to, inclined to, or for the purpose of exploration.
exploratory related to, inclined to, or for the purpose of exploration.
explore to travel across or through for the purpose of discovery or investigation. [4 definitions]
explorer one that explores, esp. an unfamiliar geographic region. [3 definitions]
explosion an act or instance of bursting or violent release of energy, or the noise made thereby. [3 definitions]
explosive capable of causing an explosion. [3 definitions]
exponent one that expounds or interprets. [3 definitions]
exponential in mathematics, of or concerning an exponent, or having a variable in one or more exponents. [2 definitions]