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external of the outside or outer part; being outside. [6 definitions]
external-combustion engine an engine in which the combustion of fuel occurs outside the cylinder or turbine, as in a steam engine.
external degree a college or university diploma awarded to a nonmatriculated student who has earned credit through work experience, nonacademic training, independent study, or the passing of proficiency examinations.
externalize to manifest or make external. [2 definitions]
external respiration the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen across external or respiratory surfaces, such as gills, in multicellular organisms.
extinct no longer existing, as an animal species. [3 definitions]
extinction the act or process of becoming or making extinct, or of being ended or putting an end to. [2 definitions]
extinguish to put out (a fire, flame, or light). [4 definitions]
extinguishable combined form of extinguish.
extinguisher one that extinguishes, esp. a fire extinguisher.
extirpate to get rid of completely, as if by pulling up the roots; root out. [3 definitions]
extol to speak of with high praise or enthusiasm.
extort to extract or obtain (money or the like) by force, threats, or abuse of authority.
extortion the act or an instance of coercing someone by force, threats, or abuse of authority to give something valuable, such as money, information, excessive interest, or the like. [2 definitions]
extortionist a person who commits or practices extortion.
extra more than is expected or usual. [7 definitions]
extra- beyond; outside.
extra-base hit in baseball, a double, triple, or home run.
extract to remove or take out by use of force. [9 definitions]
extractable combined form of extract.
extraction an act or instance of extracting, or the condition of being extracted. [3 definitions]