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extraterrestrial outside of, or from beyond, the Earth. [2 definitions]
extraterritorial outside of or beyond territorial boundaries or jurisdiction.
extraterritoriality political or legal exemption of foreigners from local jurisdiction, such as is granted to diplomats.
extravagance the act or an instance of spending excessively or imprudently. [3 definitions]
extravagant spending excessively or imprudently, or characterized by such spending. [3 definitions]
extravaganza an elaborate, usu. musical, show. [3 definitions]
extravasate to force (blood or lymph) to flow from the usual vessels into surrounding tissues. [4 definitions]
extravehicular pertaining to the activity of an astronaut outside of a spacecraft.
extraversion see extroversion.
extreme at the most distant point or outer limit of. [7 definitions]
extremely in a great degree; very.
extreme sport one of a set of relatively new sports, such as snowboarding, skateboarding, and bungee jumping, that feature speed, height, danger or exciting stunts, most often pursued by young adults.
extreme unction the sacrament administered by a Roman Catholic priest to a dying person; last rites.
extremism a tendency to go beyond moderation to extreme positions, esp. on political issues.
extremist a person who takes a radical stand and encourages radical action or thinking, esp. in politics. [3 definitions]
extremity the farthest reach or point of a thing. [4 definitions]
extricate to free or release from difficulty, entanglement, or involvement; disengage.
extrinsic not inherent or essential; extraneous. (Cf. intrinsic.) [2 definitions]
extrinsic factor a vitamin found in foods such as milk, eggs, and fish, used in the treatment of anemia; vitamin B12.
extrorse in botany, facing outward; turned away from the center. (Cf. introrse.)
extroversion the tendency to pay more attention to others or the external world than to oneself. (Cf. introversion.) [2 definitions]