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fall foul of to come into collision, conflict, or entanglement with.
fallible capable of making mistakes; liable to error.
falling-out a quarrel that leads to estrangement.
falling sickness see "epilepsy."
falling star a meteor; shooting star.
fall in love to begin to have strong feelings of romantic love (often fol. by "with").
fall line a geographical line connecting the waterfalls of parallel rivers that indicates a drop in land level. [2 definitions]
fall-off a reduction or decline, as in quantity, vigor, or activity.
fall off to decline, decrease, or diminish.
Fallopian tube in female mammals, one of a pair of narrow ducts that carry ova from the ovaries to the uterus; oviduct.
fallout the fall of radioactive particles, or the particles themselves, that result from a nuclear explosion. [2 definitions]
fallow of farmland, tilled but not planted. [4 definitions]
fallow deer a Eurasian deer that has a yellowish coat with white spots in summer.
fall through of something proposed or planned, to fail or collapse.
fall under to be the concern of. [2 definitions]
false untrue or incorrect. [7 definitions]
false arrest the illegal restraint or detention of a person by another who claims to have legal authority, usu. a police officer.
false bottom a concealed compartment in the bottom of a box, suitcase, or the like.
false face a mask, usu. comical or grotesque, that covers the entire face.
false-hearted inclined to deceit and treachery.
falsehood a lie or untruth. [4 definitions]