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farm hand a person hired to perform duties on a farm.
farmhouse a house on a farm, usu. the one in which the farm owner or operator lives.
farming the business or practice of raising crops and livestock.
farmland an area of land capable of being cultivated.
farmstead all the land and buildings included in one farm.
farmworker a person who does physical labor on a farm for wages.
farmyard open space surrounded by or next to farm buildings.
faro a card game in which the players gamble on the cards as they are drawn from the top of the dealer's pack.
faroff distant in space or time; remote.
far-off at or from a distance; a long way away; distant.
farouche lacking social manners, or unsociable in a savage, uncivilized way; wild.
farrago a jumble or conglomeration; medley.
far-reaching having a wide or extensive effect or range.
farrier one who shoes horses; blacksmith.
farrow1 a litter of pigs. [3 definitions]
farrow2 of a cow, not pregnant.
farseeing able, or as if able, to see far into the future; foresighted; prescient. [2 definitions]
Farsi the language of Iran and part of Afghanistan; modern Persian.
farsighted able to see objects clearly in the distance, and not so clearly close at hand. [2 definitions]
fart (vulgar) a passing of intestinal gas from the anus. [3 definitions]
fart around (slang) to waste time; be idle.