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farmland an area of land capable of being cultivated.
farmstead all the land and buildings included in one farm.
farmworker a person who does physical labor on a farm for wages.
farmyard open space surrounded by or next to farm buildings.
faro a card game in which the players gamble on the cards as they are drawn from the top of the dealer's pack.
faroff distant in space or time; remote.
far-off at or from a distance; a long way away; distant.
farouche lacking social manners, or unsociable in a savage, uncivilized way; wild.
farrago a jumble or conglomeration; medley.
far-reaching having a wide or extensive effect or range.
farrier one who shoes horses; blacksmith.
farrow1 a litter of pigs. [3 definitions]
farrow2 of a cow, not pregnant.
farseeing able, or as if able, to see far into the future; foresighted; prescient. [2 definitions]
Farsi the language of Iran and part of Afghanistan; modern Persian.
farsighted able to see objects clearly in the distance, and not so clearly close at hand. [2 definitions]
fart (vulgar) a passing of intestinal gas from the anus. [3 definitions]
fart around (slang) to waste time; be idle.
farther a comparative of "far." [4 definitions]
farthermost farthest.
farthest superlative of "far." [4 definitions]