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farthest superl. of far. [4 definitions]
farthing a coin formerly minted in England worth one fourth of a penny. [2 definitions]
farthingale a hoop worn by women in the sixteenth century to widen the skirt from the waist.
fasces a pack of rods surrounding an ax so that only its blade projects, used esp. during ancient Roman times as a symbol of power and authority.
fascia a thin layer of tissue connecting or supporting internal organs or parts of the body. [3 definitions]
fascicle a small bundle or cluster of fibers, such as stems, flowers, or leaves in plants, or nerve fibers in animals. [2 definitions]
fasciculate arranged in small bundles or clusters.
fascinate to capture and hold the attention and interest of; spellbind. [3 definitions]
fascinated extremely charmed or interested.
fascinating capable of capturing one's intense interest and attention; enchanting; spellbinding.
fascination the act of fascinating, or the condition or an instance of becoming fascinated. [2 definitions]
fascinator a person or object that captures attention, charms, or allures. [2 definitions]
fascism (often cap.) a system of government characterized by strong, often dictatorial control of political and economic affairs, and often by warlike nationalism and brutal suppression of political dissidents and ethnic minorities. [3 definitions]
fascist (sometimes cap.) a person who belongs to, adopts the values of, or imitates the practices of an organization devoted to fascism. [2 definitions]
Fascisti Italy's fascist party led by Benito Mussolini, or the members thereof.
fashion the style of dress or conduct in current favor. [6 definitions]
fashionable conforming to current trends or styles. [2 definitions]
fashion plate a person who usu. dresses in the latest, most stylish clothes. [2 definitions]
fast1 moving or operating, or having the ability to move or operate, with speed. [12 definitions]
fast2 to cease to eat food. [4 definitions]
fastback on an automobile, a sloping back curving from the top to the rear bumper in an unbroken convex line, or an automobile that has such a back.