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fatuity stupidity or foolishness, esp. when accompanied by smugness or complacency. [2 definitions]
fatuous smugly foolish or stupid.
fauces (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the cavity at the rear of the mouth that leads to the pharynx.
faucet a device for turning on and off the flow of liquid from a pipe or container; tap; spigot.
faugh used to express disgust or contempt.
fault a defect; flaw; weakness. [7 definitions]
faultfinder one who finds much to criticize or complain about, esp. of a petty nature.
faultfinding the act or practice of criticizing or complaining, esp. about petty matters. [2 definitions]
faultless without blemish, fault, or defect.
faulty having imperfections, faults, or defects.
faun a rural deity in Roman mythology that had the upright stance and upper body of a man and the ears, horns, and lower body of a goat.
fauna animals collectively, esp. of a particular period, region, or environment. (Cf. flora.) [2 definitions]
fauvism (sometimes cap.) in early twentieth-century painting, an expressionistic development, esp. French, involving the juxtaposition of different bold colors and sometimes the distortion of form.
faux false or imitation.
faux pas a tactless error in manners or behavior; social blunder.
fava bean see broad bean.
favor a kind or helpful act, usually done in response to another's request. [11 definitions]
favorable advantageous, convenient, or helpful. [5 definitions]
favored treated or looked upon with partiality. [2 definitions]
favorite a person or thing treated with special favor. [3 definitions]
favorite son a person supported as a presidential nominee by the leaders or delegates of his own state. [2 definitions]