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fava bean see "broad bean."
favor a kind or helpful act, usually done in response to another's request. [11 definitions]
favorable advantageous, convenient, or helpful. [5 definitions]
favored treated or looked upon with partiality. [2 definitions]
favorite a person or thing treated with special favor. [3 definitions]
favorite son a person supported as a presidential nominee by the leaders or delegates of his own state. [2 definitions]
favoritism the unjust favoring of one group or person over another.
favour a spelling of favor used in Canada and Britain. See favor.
favourable a spelling of favorable used in Canada and Britain. See favorable.
favourite a spelling of favorite used in Canada and Britain. See favorite.
fawn1 a young deer, esp. a suckling. [2 definitions]
fawn2 to seek attention or favor by flattery or servility. [2 definitions]
fax a system or machine for producing printed facsimiles of documents, pictures, and the like by electronic transmission from another location. [4 definitions]
fay a fairy.
faze to bewilder or to disturb the composure or shake the resolve of; disconcert or daunt.
FBI abbreviation of "Federal Bureau of Investigation," a U.S. agency of the Justice Department responsible for investigating violations of federal criminal law.
FCC abbreviation of "Federal Communications Commission," a U.S. agency whose duty is to regulate the various communications industries including telephone, radio and television, and satellites.
F clef the bass clef.
FDA abbreviation of "Food and Drug Administration," a federal government agency that regulates the food, drug, medical device, and cosmetics industries to ensure public safety.
FDIC abbreviation of "Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation," a U.S. governmental agency that insures deposits in member commercial banks up to a certain amount to protect the public against a bank's failure, and can act to prevent a bank's failure.
Fe symbol of the chemical element iron.