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Fe symbol of the chemical element iron.
fealty the loyalty pledged by a vassal to a feudal lord and considered as binding. [2 definitions]
fear an emotion characterized by alarm, anxiety, and tension, often caused by an expectation of danger or pain; dread. [8 definitions]
fearful having feelings of fear or apprehension. [4 definitions]
fearless without fear; undaunted; brave.
fearsome causing awe or fear.
feasance in law, doing that which is a duty, condition, obligation, or the like.
feasible capable of being done, carried out, or brought about; likely to succeed. [3 definitions]
feast any sumptuous and elaborate meal, usu. for many people; banquet. [6 definitions]
feat an act or accomplishment, esp. one requiring courage, strength, or skill.
feather one of the structures forming the plumage of birds, consisting of a hollow, tapering, horny shaft growing from the skin and bearing a web of slender, parallel, interlocked barbs on either side. [12 definitions]
featherbed to hire or require the hiring of more employees than are needed or limit the production of each, or to be hired as a result of such an arrangement.
featherbedding the practice, or an instance, of requiring an employer to hire more workers than necessary, or of restricting the production of workers.
featherbrain a foolish or flighty person; scatterbrain.
featheredge a tapering or thinning edge, resembling the edge of a feather, as of a wedge-shaped board.
feather in one's cap an accomplishment or achievement; something that does one credit.
featherless combined form of feather.
feather one's nest to exploit an opportunity to enrich oneself, esp. to the disadvantage or at the expense of others.
featherstitch a stitch in embroidery or knitting in which short, alternating branches on either side of a central line form a zigzag pattern. [3 definitions]
featherweight a boxer or competitor in certain other sports weighing 118-126 pounds, or 54-57 kilograms. [4 definitions]
feathery suggestive of feathers, as in lightness of appearance, touch, sound, or the like. [2 definitions]