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feldspar any of a group of crystalline minerals that form the basic constituents of nearly all crystalline rocks, consisting usu. of silicates of aluminum, potassium, sodium, or calcium.
felicitate to express good wishes to (someone) on a happy event or achievement; congratulate.
felicitation spoken or written good wishes or congratulations.
felicitous well-suited or apt; very appropriate. [2 definitions]
felicity an instance or condition of great happiness; bliss. [3 definitions]
feline of or pertaining to the family of cats, both domestic and wild. [3 definitions]
fell1 past tense of fall.
fell2 to cut or strike down. [3 definitions]
fell3 fierce or ruthless. [2 definitions]
fell4 an animal hide; pelt.
fella (informal) fellow; a man or boy, often a friend, boyfriend, or associate.
fellah a native peasant or farm worker in Arab countries.
fellatio oral stimulation of the penis.
felloe see "felly."
fellow a man or boy. [7 definitions]
fellow-man a fellow member of the human race.
fellowship the condition of being fellows. [4 definitions]
fellow traveler one who does not belong to a group, esp. the Communist party, but supports or espouses its doctrines and aims; sympathizer (used as a derogatory label).
felly the rim of a wheel with spokes.
felon1 a person who has committed a serious crime, such as murder, rape, or burglary; one who has committed a felony.
felon2 a serious infection of the finger or toe, usu. near the nail.