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felicitate to express good wishes to (someone) on a happy event or achievement; congratulate.
felicitation spoken or written good wishes or congratulations.
felicitous well-suited or apt; very appropriate. [2 definitions]
felicity an instance or condition of great happiness; bliss. [3 definitions]
feline of or pertaining to the family of cats, both domestic and wild. [3 definitions]
fell1 past tense of fall.
fell2 to cut or strike down. [3 definitions]
fell3 fierce or ruthless. [2 definitions]
fell4 an animal hide; pelt.
fella (informal) fellow; a man or boy, often a friend, boyfriend, or associate.
fellah a native peasant or farm worker in Arab countries.
fellatio oral stimulation of the penis.
felloe see felly.
fellow a man or boy. [7 definitions]
fellow-man a fellow member of the human race.
fellowship the condition of being fellows. [4 definitions]
fellow traveler one who does not belong to a group, esp. the Communist party, but supports or espouses its doctrines and aims; sympathizer (used as a derogatory label).
felly the rim of a wheel with spokes.
felon1 a person who has committed a serious crime, such as murder, rape, or burglary; one who has committed a felony.
felon2 a serious infection of the finger or toe, usu. near the nail.
felonious of, related to, or having the nature of a felony.