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fibroid similar to or composed of fibrous tissue. [2 definitions]
fibroma a benign tumor consisting mainly of fibrous tissue.
fibrosis the development of an abnormal amount of fibrous tissue in or near an organ.
fibrous having, resembling, or composed of fibers.
fibrovascular in botany, containing both fibrous tissue and tissue or tubes for carrying fluids, as plant stems.
fibula the outer and smaller bone in the lower hind leg of a four-legged animal or below the knee of a human. (Cf. tibia.)
-fic causing; producing.
FICA acronym of "Federal Insurance Contributions Act," a federal tax law requiring employers to withhold a certain amount from employees' paychecks or wages for deposit in governmental accounts that fund Social Security.
-fication the act or result of causing or producing.
fiche a sheet of microfilm, resembling an index card in size, that can contain many pages of printed text in reduced size; microfiche.
fichu a woman's lightweight triangular scarf worn over the shoulders and crossed or fastened on the chest.
fickle quickly changing without reason or warning, esp. in affection or allegiance; variable or capricious.
fiction literary narrative, esp. in prose form, that is not necessarily based on real events. [3 definitions]
fictional of, relating to, or in the category of fiction. [2 definitions]
fictionalize to make fiction out of (actual events or people).
fictitious intended to deceive; not genuine; imaginary. [2 definitions]
ficus any of various tropical plants, bushes, or trees of the mulberry family, having large glossy leaves and often cultivated as houseplants.
fid a square, strong bar of wood or metal used to support a topmast. [2 definitions]
fiddle (informal) a violin or related instrument. [7 definitions]
fiddleback another name for the brown recluse spider.
fiddlehead a decorative carving above the bow of a ship, shaped like that at the end of a violin neck. [2 definitions]