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fid a square, strong bar of wood or metal used to support a topmast. [2 definitions]
fiddle (informal) a violin or related instrument. [7 definitions]
fiddleback another name for the brown recluse spider.
fiddlehead a decorative carving above the bow of a ship, shaped like that at the end of a violin neck. [2 definitions]
fiddler crab any of various small burrowing crabs found along coastal regions, the male of which has one front claw much larger than the other.
fiddlesticks nonsense! (used to express annoyance or irritation).
fideism the belief that God and eternal, supernatural truths can be fully, or mostly, comprehended by faith, and not by reason alone.
fidelity loyalty or faithfulness to obligations, promises, or those to whom one has made a commitment. [3 definitions]
fidget to move one's body nervously and restlessly. [4 definitions]
fiduciary a person who is legally entrusted with the assets or powers of another, to be used in the other's best interest; trustee; agent. [3 definitions]
fie an expression of disapproval or distaste, often used jokingly.
fief a landholding granted by a lord to a vassal in a feudal system.
fiefdom the domain of a lord under the system of feudalism. [2 definitions]
field an expanse of open and usu. grassy ground. [11 definitions]
field artillery light mobile artillery that can accompany troops in the field.
field corn any of several varieties of corn grown as livestock feed.
field day a day set aside for such activities as games and athletic contests. [2 definitions]
fielder in baseball or cricket, a player in the field.
fielder's choice in baseball, a fielder's decision, on a batted ground ball, to put out a base runner instead of the batter.
field event an event at a track meet that is not held on the running track, such as throwing or jumping.
field glass (usu. pl.) a compact, portable binocular telescope used esp. outdoors.