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field magnet a magnet used to produce and maintain a magnetic field in an electrical device such as a motor, generator, or particle accelerator.
field marshal a military officer of the highest or next to highest rank in the armies of certain European countries.
field officer a military officer with the rank of colonel, lieutenant colonel, or major.
fieldpiece a piece of artillery for use on the battlefield; field gun.
field-test to test (something) in the same conditions as those in which it will actually be used.
field theory in physics, a mathematical description of the effects of physical fields on the distribution and behavior of matter.
field trip a trip or excursion to a place, often by a group of students or the like, to gain firsthand information, knowledge, or experience.
fieldwork scientific research, exploration, or observation conducted in the field rather than the laboratory or classroom. [2 definitions]
fiend an evil spirit or demon; devil. [3 definitions]
fiendish of, pertaining to, or like a fiend; diabolical or extremely cruel. [2 definitions]
fierce dangerously wild, hostile, or vicious; ferocious. [4 definitions]
fiercely in a dangerously wild, hostile, or vicious manner. [3 definitions]
fiery containing, consisting of, or accompanied by fire; flaming. [4 definitions]
fiesta a festival, esp. a religious celebration in Spanish-speaking nations.
fife a small, high-pitched transverse flute, used mainly to accompany drums in military or marching music. [2 definitions]
fifteen the number represented by the Arabic numeral 15 and by the Roman numeral XV. [3 definitions]
fifteenth indicating rank or position between fourteenth and sixteenth. [3 definitions]
fifth indicating rank or position between fourth and sixth. [4 definitions]
Fifth Amendment an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that guarantees certain rights to accused criminals by providing due process of law, forbidding double jeopardy, and protecting persons from testifying against themselves.
fifth column a clandestine, subversive group working within its native country to betray it to an enemy force or nation.
fifth wheel a coupling structure, consisting of two rotating disks placed on the front axle of a cart or carriage, that supports the body while allowing it to turn, or a similar structure that acts as a coupling between the cab and trailer on a tractor-trailer. [2 definitions]