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figurehead the titular head of an organization who has no real power. [2 definitions]
figure of speech an expression, such as a metaphor, hyperbole, or simile, that uses words in a nonliteral, unusual, or intensive manner to produce a certain effect; trope.
figure out to find an answer to a problem or puzzling question by using the power of the mind.
figure skating ice skating in which the skater traces elaborate figures on ice or, in competition, executes athletic jumps and dance movements.
figurine a small, molded or sculpted ornamental figure; statuette.
figwort any of various woodland plants that bear loose, branched clusters of small green or purple flowers. [2 definitions]
Fiji a southwestern Pacific island country northeast of Australia.
Fijian of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Fiji, its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
filagree variant of filigree.
filament a fine strand, as of thread, fiber, or wire. [3 definitions]
filaria any of various threadlike roundworms that are parasitic in the blood of vertebrates and are transmitted by bloodsucking insects.
filariasis an infestation of filarial worms in the bloodstream, lymphatic system, and other tissues which causes chronic swelling, blindness, or elephantiasis if untreated.
filbert the round, smooth-shelled nut of certain cultivated European hazel trees; hazelnut. [2 definitions]
filch to steal (usu. something of slight value) in a sly manner; pilfer.
file1 a receptacle such as a folder for storing papers or other objects in organized fashion. [7 definitions]
file2 a long thin steel tool with a ridged surface, used for shaping, smoothing, or grinding down. [2 definitions]
file clerk one whose job is to keep office files and records in order.
filefish any of various mostly tropical saltwater fishes that have flattened bodies, leathery skin, and small hard scales.
filename the name given to a computer file to differentiate its contents from all the other data on a computer.
filename extension in computing, the final part of a filename, consisting of one or more letters after a dot, which indicates the format of the file data.
file-sharing the activity of making computer files or data accessible over a network for use or download by other users and other computers.