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fillér the smaller monetary unit of Hungary. (Cf. forint.)
filler someone or something that fills. [4 definitions]
fillet a piece of meat or fish that has no bones. [4 definitions]
fill in to provide with requested information. [2 definitions]
filling a substance used to fill a cavity in a tooth. [3 definitions]
filling station a retail establishment that provides automotive products and services, esp. gasoline, oil, and air; gas station; service station.
fillip to strike by suddenly releasing a finger that has been held down with the thumb. [5 definitions]
fill out to complete by providing missing information.
filly a female horse that has not yet reached or has only recently reached maturity. [2 definitions]
film a thin coating. [11 definitions]
filmable combined form of film.
filmic of, pertaining to, or like motion pictures or cinematography. [2 definitions]
filmless combined form of film.
filmmaker a person who directs or produces films.
film noir a kind of film, made esp. during the 1940s and 1950s, that depicted a negative, cynical view of life, often focusing on crime and vice in cities.
filmography a listing of movies that an actor has appeared in or that a director has directed.
filmstrip a strip of developed film containing a series of still photographs designed to be projected on a screen.
filmy consisting of or resembling a thin layer or haze; nearly transparent. [2 definitions]
fils the smaller monetary unit of Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. (Cf. dinar, riyal.)
filter a piece of paper or other porous material, such as charcoal, used to remove solids or other impurities from fluids or gases that pass through it. [7 definitions]
filterable capable of being filtered, or of passing through a filter, as certain viruses and bacteria.