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fils the smaller monetary unit of Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. (Cf. dinar, riyal.)
filter a piece of paper or other porous material, such as charcoal, used to remove solids or other impurities from fluids or gases that pass through it. [7 definitions]
filterable capable of being filtered, or of passing through a filter, as certain viruses and bacteria.
filterable virus a virus capable of passing through bacteria-retaining filters and thus remaining infectious.
filter paper porous paper used to filter liquids, commonly used in certain coffee makers.
filth that which is unclean or foul. [3 definitions]
filthy extremely dirty or foul; nasty. [2 definitions]
filtrate to pass through or subject to a filter. [2 definitions]
fin one of usu. several movable, webbed appendages that fish and other animals that live in the water use for swimming or balance. [8 definitions]
finagle (informal) to use underhanded, indirect, or tricky techniques to achieve one's goal. [3 definitions]
final occurring at or constituting the end of something; last. [6 definitions]
finale the last movement or conclusion of a musical composition. [2 definitions]
finalist a person or team chosen to participate in the final session of a game or competition.
finality the quality or fact of allowing no further discussion or change. [2 definitions]
finalize to put into finished form; make complete or definite.
finally at the end; lastly. [3 definitions]
finance the management of money or other assets, esp. those in the public treasury. [4 definitions]
finance charge an amount charged by a person or business that lends money.
finance company a business institution involved in a wide range of financial loan activities, such as personal or small business loans or the purchasing of accounts receivable.
financial of or pertaining to money or those who deal in finance and credit.
financial aid money provided for college students to help pay tuition and other college expenses.